Born in 1977 in West London, Marc Gooderham attended The University of Westminster to study Illustration. During the decade that followed, he temporarily exchanged his paint brushes for drumsticks and released several albums to phenomenal commercial indifference!
After a sabbatical from the heady world of rock n' roll, Marc returned to his first love, painting.

Concentrating on the decaying and unique architecture of the city, Marc tries to capture the singular beauty found in neglected buildings that have fallen into disrepair, as city life continues to evolve around them.
Where we may pass by without a second glance, Marc finds an attractive melancholy in street corners and crumbling grandeur of old shop fronts. Preliminary sketches are made (of some lesser–seen delights), drawing attention to parts of the city that are ignored on a daily basis.

Marc manages to capture scenes that hold an almost cinematic quality. Desolate buildings take centre stage with their peeling paint and numberless front doors; offering a glimpse into empty rooms through curtainless windows to evoke a sense of loneliness that is inherent in any large city.
But the stillness of his work also invites contemplation – of the lives once lived here and the new lives that continue to do so.

Marc is a member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art - founded in 1919, it is recognised as the only foundation in the UK dedicated to drawing.